Coronavirus (COVID-19)


What do I do if I feel sick?
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The university advises anyone, regardless of vaccination status, who experiences symptoms of COVID-19 to stay home, self-isolate and get tested.

Individuals who come into close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 should monitor for symptoms for 10 days. They should also wear a tight-fitting mask in presence of others for 10 days following exposure.  If they develop symptoms they should self-isolate and get tested. They should get tested at least 5 days after exposure even if no symptoms are present.

They should isolate for 10 days if their test result is positive which may be shortened to 5 days if fever free and symptoms improve. Individuals with a positive COVID-19 test are asked to fill out the voluntary disclosure form to aid in contact tracing.

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Updated testing information is available on the City of Milwaukee Health Department website.

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